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As law firms and respondents comply with the Governor’s Executive Order No. 107 please be reminded to update any changes in contact information with Forthright. The NJ No-Fault Arbitration Program continues to accept arbitration demands, process submissions, answer any inquiry and conduct In-Person hearings (telephonically) as well as OTP. Although we are encouraging electronic filings and submissions, we can still accept demands and submissions by mail.


Forthright has been closely tracking the spread of COVID-19 across our region. As the administrator of a state-wide program, we have an imperative to do what we can to slow the spread of this serious virus and protect those who are most vulnerable in our community. This is a difficult and extraordinary situation, and we recognize that people throughout our community are concerned for their personal health and that of their families and friends.

In light of CDC’s recommendations about telecommuting to limit or avoid the spread of the corona virus, Forthright is requiring that all In-Person hearings be conducted telephonically beginning Monday, March 16, 2020. The telephonic only hearings requirement will remain in effect for thirty days as we continue to monitor the recommendations of the CDC and NJ Health Department. At the end of that period, Forthright will re-evaluate the situation and advise the PIP community accordingly.

We do not make this decision without careful consideration of the limitations it may impose. However, the NJ No Fault arbitration rules provide for this course, and such presentations have been effectively utilized thousands of times since the beginning of our administration of this program.

We urge you to remember that the most important steps you can take are self-care. Thank you for your cooperation and your understanding, as together we navigate this challenging situation.

(effective May 15, 2019)

Due to an increase in fees charged by the Medical Review Organizations selected by the Department of Banking and Insurance, the required fee to be submitted with a request for MRO report will be $1200. Please note this change when requesting an MRO report on or after May 15, 2019.


The Forthright Emergency Alert System hosted by Rapid Notify, is now being hosted by RAVE. In order to continue to receive alerts, users must register on the RAVE system. Alerts are optional. Click here to learn more.


Effective May 1, 2017 a rule change to Paragraph 14 only of Rule 7 of the New Jersey No-Fault PIP Arbitration Rules requires claimants filing under an assignment of benefits or a power of attorney to certify whether the Respondent requires an internal appeal, and if so, that Claimant has complied with the requirement and attached copies of Pre- Service and/or Post- Service Appeal Forms.

Accordingly, a new Arbitration Demand Form will be required for filing of Demands with Forthright effective May 1, 2017. Forthright On-Line demand forms and Elaw demand forms will note the same change effective May 1, 2017. Click here or “FORMS” above to obtain a downloadable copy of the
Demand For Arbitration – Rule 7 - Effective May 1, 2017 New

Forthright Administers New Jersey No-Fault Arbitration Program

Forthright, a global provider of process design, automation, and management solutions, has been selected by the State of New Jersey to administer No-Fault Insurance Personal Injury Protection (PIP) arbitrations under the State’s Automobile Insurance Cost Reduction Act.  Forthright submitted a joint proposal with National Arbitration Forum (FORUM), the incumbent administrator.

Forthright began administering No-Fault PIP claims in New Jersey on April 1, 2011. Our administration provides users with reduced fees, enhanced filing capabilities, and a new user portal.  Forthright's free online tools allow users to manage and file cases electronically.

For more information, please review some Frequently Asked Questions about Forthright's administration of the New Jersey No-Fault PIP Arbitration Program.

Commissioner's Approval of Arbitration Rules – May 1, 2017
Forthright Awarded New Jersey PIP Arbitration Contract
Commissioner's Approval of Arbitration Rules - April 1, 2011
Commissioner's Approval of Arbitration Rules - August 1, 2011
Commissioner's Approval of Arbitration Rules - March 1, 2013 Commissioner's Approval of Arbitration Rules - April 15, 2013