Due to an increase in fees charged by the Medical Review Organizations selected by the Department of Banking and Insurance, the required fee to be submitted with a request for MRO report is now $1090. Please note this change in fee when making a request for MRO report.

NEW JERSEY PIP IS NOW MOBILE! Search and view your cases and calendar on your tablet or phone with Forthright’s new mobile site

  • Mobile access to Quick or Advanced Searches.
  • Access full case data on your phone or tablet.
  • In ‘Upcoming Events’ view your next 24-hours of hearings at a glance.
  • View your calendar by day or week.
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Forthright is pleased to announce enhancements to the online portal for PIP practitioners. The “Advanced Search” feature has been expanded to include more options for searching your case data and the ability to download search results to an Excel spreadsheet! Click here for Case Search & Download FAQs.


Forthright Administers New Jersey No-Fault Arbitration Program

Forthright, a global provider of process design, automation, and management solutions, has been selected by the State of New Jersey to administer No-Fault Insurance Personal Injury Protection (PIP) arbitrations under the State’s Automobile Insurance Cost Reduction Act.  Forthright submitted a joint proposal with National Arbitration Forum (FORUM), the incumbent administrator.

Forthright began administering No-Fault PIP claims in New Jersey on April 1, 2011. Our administration provides users with reduced fees, enhanced filing capabilities, and a new user portal.  Forthright's free online tools allow users to manage and file cases electronically.

For more information, please review some Frequently Asked Questions about Forthright's administration of the New Jersey No-Fault PIP Arbitration Program.

Forthright Awarded New Jersey PIP Arbitration Contract
Commissioner's Approval of Arbitration Rules - April 1, 2011
Commissioner's Approval of Arbitration Rules - August 1, 2011
Commissioner's Approval of Arbitration Rules - March 1, 2013 Commissioner's Approval of Arbitration Rules - April 15, 2013